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September 2011: Bench of Hope restored

Installation of bench

After the hard work

Volunteers from the Countryside Management Service have reinstalled the Bench of Hope part of the way up the hill.

The parts were found by a dog walker and had apparently been used as a (very low) table by someone living rough on the hill.

July 2011

Bench of Hope replaced by Bench of Peace, thanks to Cardif Pinnacle. The new bench has been dedicated to the Peace Hospice.

Dedicated to the Peace Hospice by Cardif PinnaclePlaque on Bench of Peace

28th March 2011

First summer visitor is on the hill - a chiffchaff.

17th November 2010

Winter has pretty much arrived. Fewer fungi are around, although one not affected by frost is this one:

auricularia auricula-judae

This is commonly know as Jews Ear (although the name is no longer an official common name in view of political correctness). It is edible and is in widespread use in soups etc. in China.

The winter visiting thrushes have arrived. Redwings were seen around the Western end of Lullington Garth this week. Look out for flocks of thrushes flying over. These are likely to be Redwinds and/or Fieldfares that have arrived from Scandinavia or continental Europe.












Candlesnuff Fungus

Clouded Agaric

October 2010

Several varieties of fungi have been identified. You can see a list here along with all the other fauna and flora that have been recorded recently.

30 July 2010

Watch out for cinnabar moth caterpillars on Ragwort. Also there was a sparrowhawk around today.

Cinnabar Caterpillars

July 2010

Well it's been a good two months for Butterflies. Several new species for Woodcock Hill were seen: Large Skipper, Clouded Yellow, Common Blue and Red Admiral spring to mind. The last three of these are illustrated below.

Also seen (in June) was the Chimney Sweeper Moth, which depends on Pignut in its lifecycle.

28th May 2010

Cock Linnet present near Milton Drive entrance - possibly with female and gained the impression it may have been collecting nesting material.

Please report any unusual sightings to the webmaster.

Grey Herons


23rd and 24th May 2010


A cuckoo has been active all day in the lovely weather. Listen out for its distinctive call. We hope this time it is our regular visitor here to stay for the brief period that this species does hang around.


Managed to get a good image of a whitethroat which was very active in the lower field. Also saw three grey herons flying over. One can often see single birds, but three together is unusual.



Herts Air Ambulance







19th May 2010

Excitement today as the Hertfordshire Air Ambulance lands on Woodcock Hill to attend an emergency in Milton Drive.



willow warbler








7th May 2010

Have now seen the first swifts of the summer. Also had a good view of a chiffchaff. This small warbler is easily identified by its song, which is a repeated 'chiff chaff' sound. The very similar looking Willow Warbler, also found on the hill, has a completely different sweet descending song (click to play) with a flourish at the end.

28th April 2010

Our Cuckoo has arrived - or at least a cuckoo! Also a whitethroat has been seen and Willow warblers heard since last week.

Many species are in good voice now. How many can you identify?





20th April

The blackthorn is an amazing display of white. Many trees are coming into leaf - including sycamore and horse chestnut, but the oaks are still in bud.




16th April 2010

And I have managed to capture a peacock butterfly. White deadnettle is now in flower as are a few bluebells on the corner as you head along the path by Barnet Lane, towards the top of Furzehill Road.


9th April 2010


Spring is here! The first migratory birds have arrived in the form of Blackcaps (click here to hear a blackcap) and Chiffchaffs. Butterflies can also be seen now on the Hill. The next warblers to look out for are Willow Warblers and Whitethroats and then hopefully our local Cuckoo. I did see a swallow elsewhere in Hertfordshire over the weekend. In the same area as the swallow I spotted four different species of butterfly. Please let us know which sorts you manage to identify on Woodcock Hill.

2nd April 2010

Lesser Celendine

Lesser Celendine (Ranunculus ficaria) is now flowering on the bank alongside Carrington Avenue. This usually flowers from March through to May but is clearly a little late this year as are many things.

24th March 2010

Red kite spotted flying over Woodcock Hill this afternoon. please report any other interesting visitors.

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