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This is the website for the Woodcock Hill Village Green in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.

Please have a look around the website and feel free to send us feedback - especially if you notice any inaccuracies or would like to add anything. In time we hope to add a section for user comments and notes.

On a clear day there is a good view over Borehamwood from the top of Woodcock Hill. You may spot the top of thetower of St. Albans Abbey although it helps to have binoculars or a telescope!

Woodcock Hill can be found at TQ 195 955 and lies between Barnet Lane, Carrington Avenue, Vale Avenue and the railway line to the South of Borehamwood. If you are driving we suggest you park either in Carrington Avenue or Vale Avenue. The Carrington Avenue entrance (near the end away from Furzehill Road) is at the top of the hill; the Vale Avenue entrances (opposite Tennison Avenue and Milton Drive) are at the bottom. Access is also available from Barnet Lane, but there is nowhere to park here.


October 2013 - AGM 11am 13th November at Hill House, Elstree.

June 2012

To mark the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II we lit a beacon on Woodcock Hill on Monday 4th June.

WHVG banner

Cllr Pat Strack reported on the event thus:

It all kicked off with a great band - Papa Amos.


The Uniformed groups were a credit to their leaders and parents.  We ad libbed as things went along and they joined in with spirit of the evening, This was our Community coming together young, old and across the spectrum of community we have in Elstree and Borehamwood. Liam fro

m Borehamwood Athletic Club led the procession with the torch followed by the standards of the British Legion. The Sea Army and air cadets, Brownies, Explorer Scouts and Town Youth Councillors formed the Guard of Honour and marched to the Beacon.  The Brass Band played their Hearts out: giving an opportunity to sing along to patriotic songs. Adria Jackson led the singing beautifully.  The flag waving was led by cllr.Jean Heywood who managed to emerge with a constant stream of different hats. She even had Paul Welsh and the police joining in an impromptu dance.

Des and the Town team worked their socks off for this one off, never to be forgotten event. The parking stewards from Borehamwood Football Club did a great job.  Well done to the Town stewards. The Beacon was something else.

It was apt that Paul Welsh MCed the event as he was the organiser of the 1988 Beacon.  Even Queen Elizabeth f(aka Gilly Ellis) from that event graced us with her prescence. At the appointed time Jame Clappison MP 'kissed' the torch to the huge taper Des and his friend had and the Beacon was lit with a whoosh. Speeches from Jmaes and Charles Kelly Cllr Sandra Parnell and Hertsmere Mayor, Cllr Par Strack led to a rousing tribute to the Queen a gusty rendition of the National Anthem.

Thanks for Peter Beale from the Borehamwood Times; he must have a huge catalogue of photos) snapping away from start to finish  Thanks to Karen Ward at the Three Ways for their Jubilee cake which was served at the end of the evening.  Thanks to the Red Cross who always are on hand to make sure we are safe. The Police and Fire Service played their part seamlessly.

There were so many contributors from the community it was certainly a night to remember.  Few of us will see such an event again but who knows? The weather was in the laps of the Gods so it stayed dry and we saw a beautiful sunset.  The moon and torches held by the young people led the way off the Hill without mishhap.

October 2011



WHVG Committee have been successful in securing funding from our 3 county councillors' locality budget to get some urgent clearance work undertaken on Woodcock Hill. Morris Bright has granted £800 and Caroline Clapper and Alan Plancy £500 each. The £1800 will be used to employ contractors to dig up the bramble roots.

The specialist environmetal contractors will be starting work 27th and 28th October. The tractors will be used on land at the bottom of the toboggan slope to give that another 'hit'. Meadows across from the Bench of Peace to the Bench of Hope will also be cleared of brambles as part of the management Plan for the Hill.

The clearing of bramble roots with machines is necessary as this cannot be accomplished by hand. At the meadows the grass will be allowed to grow next spring with the expectation that more and varied species of wild flowers will grow there too. With different wild flowers growing it is hoped that this will attract different wild life.

The contractors will leave the brambles and clearance debris etc to degrade with the previous cuttings to one side of Laing's land. Once the deep roots are tackled volunteers can be used to keep the brambles at bay. Witness the slopes descending from the top bench which volunteers manage to keep clear of brambles.

On Mitzvah day Sunday 20th November The Jewish Lads and Girls Brigade together with a group from Edgware synagogue will give clearance and tidying service on the Hill. This will start at 10.15 and finish with refreshments at 12.30pm. The committee will be at hand to help and they invite other volunteers to come along and help. It is worthwhile and fun.

Last year we welcomed the Hindu community as well as volunteers from other faith groups. It was cold but exhilarating.


August 2011

Telegraph Plaque


A new plaque has now been installed at the top of Woodcock Hill. This describes the Naval Telegraph that was here in Napoleonic times. Why not spare a few minutes and take a look?
We gratefully acknowledge funding through the Ward Improvement Scheme from Councillors Hannah David and Sandra Parnell.
We are also planning to undertake more clearing work to make the paths more easily passable. If you would like to help please contact us.
Grants for this have been made by Cllrs Morris Bright and Alan Plancey: thank you both.
We are working with the Elstree & Borehamwood Town Council to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee on June 3rd 2012 by lighting a beacon on the hill. If there is anyone who was present the last time a beacon was lit on the hill to commemorate the Armada in 1988 please contact us as we would very much like you to join us for the next occasion.

Sunday 26th June


...is the revised date for this year's Picnic on the Hill - one of the Town Festival events. Some refreshments will be available but you should bring your own lunch - sandwiches recommended!

You will have the opportunity to meet members of the committee, puchase exclusive Woodcock Hill notelets and go on a nature walk.

Please note that this is a change from the originally advertised date of 19th June.

Thursday 31st March 2011

Our sell-out quiz supper on Wednesday 30th March was attended by nearly 100 keen quizzers and was a great success. Thanks to all who helped and took part.



Wednesday 1st December

Our third AGM will be held at 44 Carrington Avenue - all members are invited to attend, but please let us know if you are coming so we can ensure that approiate catering and seating is available.

Annual membership is now due for renewal. Leaflets with renewal forms attached are being distributed in surroiunding streets, but you can download a renewal form here.




21st November - Mitvah Day and National Sewa Day

Our volunteers

Jazz Evening - Saturday 20th November 2010

at Three Ways Community Centre, Arundel Drive. Another really successful Jazz Evening with the Jim Phillips Jazz Band.

Jim Phillips Jazz BandJim Phillips Jazz BandJazz Evening

31st March

Our new signs, sporting our specially commissioned logo - a drawing of a woodcock, have been installed at the top and bottom entrances to Woodcock Hill.

11th March: Work has started...

...on improving access to the site. The entrance opposite the end of Milton Drive has been improved and a kissing gate has been installed at the Byron Avenue entrance.

Borehamwood Times: 8th March 2010:

Request for material for this website


Borehamwood Times: 15th February:

Funding Approved for Woodcock Hill

10th February 2010

At the Business Referral eXchange Supper Quiz £600 was raised for charity, of which the Woodcock Hill Village Green Trust are eligible for £200. Thank you BRX!

Jazz Evening - Saturday 14th November 7.30 to 10.30 pm

at Three Ways Community Centre, Arundel Drive. This featured the Jim Philips Jazz Band and was a great success. Many thanks to everyone who helped make it so. We raised several hundred pounds which will help with the upkeep of the Village Green. Watch out for our next event...




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