Respond to the Planning Inspectorate
WHVG Committee
November 2020

Fight Deregistration

The application made by Taylor Wimpey asks the Secretary of State to deregister 3.3 hectares / 8.8 acres of Village Green land which they plan to exchange with land of lower ecological value opposite the railway. It also reduces accessibility for residents. Once deregistered the existing 3.3 hectares will be open for development. 

You can find the full Taylor Wimpey application here: and we would encourage everyone to read through these documents to inform their opposition.

You need to express your opposition by submitting your representation to the Planning Inspectorate by emailing – with the subject – Opposition to Woodcock Hill Village Green Deregistration.

Please send in your own views in your own words. Some areas you could take opposition with are:

  • Reduced access
  • Environmental damage
  • Biodiversity loss 
  • Loss of recreational areas
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Misleading statements in their application
  • Impacts from potential development 
  • Turning the green from a nature area into a manicured, overmanaged parkland

You can also help us by becoming a Friend of Woodcock Hill Village Green and take advantage of our free membership from Oct 1st to Sept 30th 2021. We are looking to recruit 1000 new members from the local community and put more weight behind our representation to the Planning Inspectorate.  If you are able to join please fill out the Membership Form here and if you can spare a donation in these difficult times, this will help us greatly protect the site for years to come. 

In the meantime the Woodcock Hill Village Green Committee will be reviewing the documents, and responding to these proposals on behalf of our membership and local residents, whilst also working in collaboration with other organisations to present further responses by the 10th December.